Exploring cities from

all walks of life




Background & challenge

Tourists today want to experience a new city like a true local, and from different interesting perspectives. SimpliCity aims to upgrade the walking tour with engaging and immersive storytelling and an in-depth understanding of the city thanks to its local guides with diverse professional backgrounds including business, urban planning, art, design, architecture, photography, literature and etc. These small-group tours cater to niche markets unserved by competitors and offer highly differentiated products that feel intimate and personal. SimpliCity needs a new identity to reflect its ambition to be the best storyteller of the city.


A logomark of two spinning map pins resembling both a footprint and the yin-yang symbol, a hint of the diverse background of tour guides (the all-encompassing Taichi from which everything originates).

To highlight the different perspectives tour guides bring with their background, I designed a series of theme-appropriate swag, such as tote bags with quotes from famous literature about the city for booklover tours, and mugs with illustrated city skylines for architectural tours. They were designed to resonate with specific target audience in mind, and are well-received by customers.



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