I enjoy unraveling complex and ambiguous challenges in fast-paced environments, and applying
to design & beyond.

What sets you apart from other designers?

My eclectic background. My decade-long cancer research training makes me comfortable with complex, ambiguous problems, while my branding background keeps me focused on business needs and communication.

What kind of stuff gets you excited as a designer?

I've always geeked out over tech, especially hardware-related. Human-machine Interface is a big passion of mine. Another one is generative AI. Both share the appeal of being technologically cutting-edge yet need that human touch.

What's your design superpower?

  • Strong visual, thanks to solid training in branding and graphic design

  • Detail-oriented, able to work at a granular level and uncover overlooked corner cases and considerations

  • Logic and curiosity-driven, able to understand technical details and simplify complex and ambiguous problems into intuitive and innovative user experience

  • Thrive in collaboration and super open to feedback

What things do you do outside of work?

My big hobbies in life are 🎼 film scoring, 🍅 gardening, and 🎲 playing board games. But if I'm being honest, I probably spend more time on YouTube watching tech news/reviews, film essays, and productivity hacks.